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Weird and funny traditions Lithuanian-Australian folk band ‘The Lost Clog’ does at Christmas Featured

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The Lost Clog The Lost Clog

FORGET the fireworks on Australia Day, or Halloween and Queen's Birthday traditions – Lithuanian Christmas customs are much more interesting!

Read what members of Melbourne’s favourite a Capella-pagan-polyphonic-Lithuanian-folk-bush-band-ensemble, The Lost Clog, wishes to its fans on a Facebook:

So as we set an upside-down spoon for our departed family members this Kūčios, The Lost Clog would like to wish you bees at your tables, handsome stallions in your stables, naked maidens in your chimneys and may your animals only have nice things to say about you at midnight. Linksmų švenčių!

Shared by @LostClog on Twiter using the hashtag #LTUworld:


You can read the rest of their post on Facebook.

About the Lost Clog (aka Pamesta Klumpė):

The Lost Clog  brings together ten of Melbourne’s least renowned singers to breathe new life into archaic Lithuanian songs of harvest, love, talking horses, ruined rue gardens, amorous toads, drunken goddesses, drunken mosquitoes, drunken sparrows and drunks.

In a video bellow, watch its members perform Ateina Bernų Pulkas, a rousing Lithuanian ditty about a gang of boys who refuse to dance with the girls. The clip was made from photos taken at Multicultural Arts Victoria's "Viva Victoria!" festival, Federation Square, Melbourne 2012.


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