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Song that will stand the test of time

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The Baltics Are Waking Up! / The word cloud The Baltics Are Waking Up! / The word cloud

There is one song that will stand the test of time forever and ever. A song that took the frustrations and aspirations of the Baltic nations in 1989 and summed them up in a single, blood-curdling cry. A song that captured the voice of a liberation movement. A song that will be forever remembered for its moving and inspiring message, strong symbolism, and poetic lyrics.

The Baltics Are Waking Up! (Lithuanian: Bunda jau Baltija, Latvian: Atmostas Baltija, Estonian: Ärgake, Baltimaad) is a trilingual Baltic song composed for the occasion of the Baltic Way. The song is sometimes called the 'general anthem of the Baltics'.

This song is one of the greatest symbols of the value given to unity and fraternity among the Baltic States in their strive for freedom.
It was performed by Viktors Zemgals, Žilvinas Bubelis, Tarmo Pirlaps.

Here is the English translation of a Lithuanian version of the song:


"Three sisters sleep by the sea

They are pressed by the bond, desperation

Wandering like a beggar by the sea coast

The spirit of nations' honour


But the bell of the destiny reechos again

And the sea tousles its waves

Three sisters wake from the sleep

To defend the honour of theirs.


The Baltics is waking up, the Baltics is waking up,

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!"


 Latvian  Lithuanian  Estonian
Trīs māsas jūras malā stāv,
Tās nespēks un nogurums māc.
Tur bradāta zeme un dvēseles,
Trīs tautu gods un prāts.
Bet torņos jau likteņa zvani skan,
Un jūra bangoties sāk.
Trīs māsas no miega modušās,
Par sevi pastāvēt nāk.
Atmostas Baltija, atmostas Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Igaunija!
Prie jūros miega sesės trys
Jas slegia pančiai, neviltis
Klajoja lyg elgeta pajūriu
Dvasia tautų garbės
Bet varpas likimo nuaidi vėl
Ir jūra šiaušia bangas
Trys sesės iš miego kyla jau
Apginti savo garbės.
Bunda jau Baltija, bunda jau Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Estija!

Kolm õde mere palged ees,
neid uinutas lainete laul.
Kolm rahvast siin sajandeid heideldes

tõid ohvriks muistse au.
Kui tornides juba lööb kella hääl,
merd haarab vabaduspüüd.
Et saatust ja elu kaitseda,
kolm õde virguvad nüüd.
Ärgake Baltimaad, ärgake Baltimaad,
Leedumaa, Lätimaa, Eestimaa!






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