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MOTHER means LOVE:10 different ways to say 'Mother' in Lithuanian Featured

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In Lithuania, Mother's Day is always celebrated on the first Sunday of May, in the USA and some other countries – on the second Sunday of May. But wherever you live and whenever you choose to celebrate it, Mother's day is a special occasion for everyone. So make sure not to forget Mother’s Day this year and send her this postcard!

Do you wonder how you can say “Mother” in Lithuanian? There are many words you can use!

Speaking and understanding Lithuanian language can be challenging. Luckily, there are words that sound similar in many languages. One of those words is “mama” (Eng. ‘Mother’). But Lithuanian language even here proves to be exceptional by having more ways how to say “mother” than other languages.

In Lithuanian language there are multiple ways how to say “mother”. The most common is “mama”. It is used by people of all ages in both speaking to and about their mothers. The formal way to say “mother” in Lithuanian is “motina”. But it is mostly used in literature and it can seem a bit too formal for some people. “Ma”, on another hand, is a teenager’s slang word, not very polite one. You can call your mother “mamytė”, “mamužė”, “mamučiukė”, “mamukas” to show your love and affection.

Knowing all the ways how to say a “mother” in Lithuanian will help you to communicate with your mother, talk about her with others, ask about the mothers of other people, and just generally be aware of what word many Lithuanian babies say first.

No matter how you say it, in Lithuanian it always means LOVE.

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