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Lithuanian entrepreneurs in Malaysia offer authentic travel experience in South East Asia

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There are few things that can change your travel experience from ordinary to extraordinary.  The list includes making friends with local people who will be more than happy to show you the real life in that country and of course eating authentic local food.

Those two should be on every travellers 'To Do' list while on the road.

Resent research about traveling trends presents that 78% of Gen-Y travellers are looking for more individual and authentic experience and want to learn new things while traveling.

PlateCulture is a company started by a team of Lithuanians who redefined urban traveling and helps to make the best out of your limited time in new city.

PlateCulture is a marketplace that connects people who love cooking and hosting dinners with those who love eating authentic home cooked meal while traveling in new places. Each dinner is a unique experience where people share food, learn new things and build friendships all over the world.

Both of us co-founders, Reda Stare and Audra Pakalnyte,  are avid travellers and foodies who have strong passion discovering the world through the kitchen.

The idea of starting PlateCulture was sparked through one of the long conversations about best travel experiences. We both agreed that the most memorable ones are when get to go off tourist beaten tracks and head to city suburbs, meet local people and enjoy real authentic local cuisine at somebodies house. 

One of our latest travels to Thailand gave a good picture of what we got inspired about: when you view Thai cuisine, you only know several dishes such as Pad Thai noodles or Tom Yum, but there are more to that that defines Thai cuisine altogether.  So we had the privilege of dining at a house of the locals where what was served was a plethora of dishes that you don’t get at the restaurants. As we ate the most exquisite Thai cuisine, the fantastic conversations that followed added to the overall experience. We thought, isn’t this brilliant – the breakdown of cultural barriers through authentic culinary experience and meaningful conversations? 

PlateCulture is essentially a platform of convergence for people – be it the locals or tourists visiting the country – to enhance their life experiences through food.

For Hosts it an opportunity to fulfil dreams of owning a restaurant, without actually having to own a restaurant and for Guests it’s an opportunity to get intimate, authentic experience of enjoying home-cooked meals representative of the Hosts’ own heritage and culinary skills.

Until today we are operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a remote technical team in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our next steps are to expand to major cities in India, Thailand and Vietnam; other Asian countries will follow later in the year.

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