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Reception to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of scouting for Lithuanian immigrants on four continents

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On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania, a special reception to celebrate the 65th anniversary of scouting for Lithuanian immigrants on four continents will take place at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. on 7 March 2014, with more than 100 guests attending the event.

This event is also a part of the preparation for the Centennial Celebration of Lithuanian scouting in 2018.

Lithuanian scouting flourished during the twenty-two years of Lithuanian independence, between the world wars. After occupation forces banned scouting in Lithuania in 1940, the tradition of Lithuanian scouting was kept alive in exile on four continents, and especially in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the UK.

When the liberation movement started in Lithuania in 1989, Lithuanian scouts in exile worked closely with the Lithuania's initiative group to re-establish the scout movement and restart scouting activities in the country.

The fact that Lithuanian scouting in exile flourished during the 50 years of Soviet occupation, and is still active today, in its 65th year and counting, is a testimony to the strength of B-P’s idea among the Lithuanian youth.

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