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Love and hate for Lithuania’s Sochi Olympic outfits Featured

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The Olympics are here! Lithuania made sure all eyes were on their athletes at the 2014 Olympic opening ceremony, Feb. 7, thanks to their bright green outfits.

Among 88 nations represented at the Parade of Nations, Team Lithuania certainly looked patriotic in their bright green coats and even brighter, almost fluorescent green trousers.

Some hated it, some loved it, but for sure Lithuania’s Olympic outfits did not go unnoticed. And that’s what counts, right?

Sports.Yahoo.com thought that Team Lithuania looked fantastic:

We want to squeeze them into all of our gin and tonics.

The Week named Lithuanian apperal the 7th best:

Lithuania, you sneaky stylish devil, you. Where did this come from?! Clashing green is genius and so on par with today's fashion. And the women's jackets cinch at the waist! Thank you. If this polar vortex continues, I'm going to look into getting me a copy (maybe sans hat, no offense.)

Bleacherreport.com also gave Lithuania a high B+ grade:

We probably should have warned you to put on some sunglasses before this slide. Suddenly, we have a hankering for lime sherbet. Thankfully for Lithuania, we love lime sherbet.

To The Guardian, the Lithuanian uniform looked half kiwi, half cucumber:

The Lithuanian team also had a pretty smart ouftit – half kiwi, half cucumber.

Meantime another British daily, Mirror, said Lithuanians were dressed as friends of Buddy the Elf:

Lithuania appear to have come dressed as friends of Buddy the Elf for the opening ceremony. Germany may have had the most colourful outfits, but Lithuania win the brightest. Well, certainly the greenest.

And according to the Irish commentators on Facebook, they enjoyed seeing the “Lithuanian Leprechauns”:


I wish I had this outfit for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day as I am always wondering what to wear to stand out of the crowd.

Southpaw, the official Mascot of the Chicago baseball team White Sox, tweeted:

If you wonder how Southpaw looks like, here is his image:

Here is another hilarious tweet:

But not everyone was happy with the Lithuanian choice of colors.

USA Today and one blog named the Lithuanian uniform among 5 worst official 2014 Games teams apparel:

Worst. Lithuania. Was this the unfortunate result of a Sprite sponsorship?

As for Lithuania, well, we wonder if they had to borrow uniforms from the airport signaling crew.

As I said, you can like or not like it, but one cannot deny that Lithuanians have caught the eye of international media.

Be different or die!

What do you think? Do you like Lithuania’s Olympic opening ceremony outfits?  Will they help to show Team Lithuania spirit in Sochi? Sound off in the comments below.

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