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A MUST DO list for every Lithuanian citizen before the Presidential elections

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Dear Lithuanian citizens, no matter where in the world you are, LTUworld.com invites you to be proactive in deciding upon the future of Lithuania and making a right choice who is going to be the President of the Republic of Lithuania for the next five years. Don’t leave this choice to your neighbor, your coworker, or people you don’t even know. This has to be your choice.

First round of the Presidential elections will take place on May 11, 2014. If required, a second round will be held on May 25, together with the elections to the European Parliament. Elected President will be inaugurated on July 12.

Even if those dates seem far away from now, there are some important things every Lithuanian citizen has to do:

1. Help your favorite candidate to collect 20.000 signatures, so he/she could run for the President of Lithuania. Now you can do it electronically from anywhere in the world (beach in Bahamas, coffee shop in Chicago or boat on the river Thames). Just go to https://aikis.vrk.lt and after confirming your identity, press a Support button by the name of the candidate you like the most. 

You can also sign on the signature collection sheets until March 26.

But please remember that you can sign for one candidate only one time: EITHER electronically OR by hand on the sheets.

Don’t leave this choice to your neighbor, your coworker, or people you don’t even know. This has to be your choice.

2. Are you living abroad and not planning to be in Lithuania on May 11? Or will you be travelling at that time? Not a problem. You can still vote at the Lithuanian embassies or consulates. In that case you have to register at https://ereg.vrk.lt/formspider/main.jsp?oid=9864 and you are ready for the final step – the voting itself. Remember, elections will take place on May 11.

3. You can support you favorite candidate financially: by less than 40 Litas (one time donation) if you do not wish to declare your income and wealth; and by more than 40 Litas if you have declared your income and wealth for the year 2013, but no more than 22.320 Litas per person or no more than 10% of the total 2013 annual income.

An infographic above contains the most important facts, dates and reminders. Please feel free to share it with your family, friends and fellow citizens.

At this point you might have only one question – every Lithuanian citizen has to speak, read and write in Lithuanian, so why has LTUworld.com just published this article in English? Well, simply because our website is in English and this information is too important not to share. LTUworld.com sincerely hopes that this infographic will serve as a reminder and will help more Lithuanian citizens to perform their Constitutional duty, stay proactive and help a candidate of their choice to win.

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