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A Lithuanian firefighter needs your help to fulfill his American dream – to run cross-country from Los Angeles to New York Featured

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Aidas Ardzijauskas Aidas Ardzijauskas www.EchoLifestyle.com

Last year a Lithuanian firefighter, Aidas Ardzijauskas, completed a 45 day run around the Baltic Sea through the territory of nine European countries, overcoming 1 865 miles. Now he is challenging human capabilities one more time – he is ready to run from Los Angeles to New York.

Aidas calls this run his American Dream. He wants to cross the North American continent from one coast of the United States to the other by overcoming more than 3 107 miles length running route. Some of the route will be along the historical Route 66, the first U.S. highway that connected the nation.

With a coast to coast race, Aidas intends to replicate the epic the Transcontinental Footrace of 1928 and its newest 2011 edition when the French ultrarunner Serge Girard ran with his peers from Los Angeles to New York in 70 days.

The Lithuanian firefighter, however, has set the goal to overcome that distance faster than the winner of 2011 Trans America race, Rainer Koch from Germany, did – in less than 522 hours, 55 minutes and 56 seconds.

Aidas Ardzijauskas also wants to meet with local Lithuanian communities along the running route and to make a Lithuanian name better known in the U.S., especially among running enthusiasts as well as local firefighters.

Aidas is scheduled to leave Los Angeles on June 19th and arrive in New York on August 27th.

In every state or city running fans can join this running, but not only by running near Aidas, but also by becoming a volunteer of this amazing project.

Find out what are opportunities for partners and sponsors here.


Aidas Ardzijauskass running route: Los Angeles (LA), Arizona (AZ), New Mexico (MN), Oklahoma (OK), Missouri (MO), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD) and New York (NY)


About Aidas Ardzijauskas
Aidas Ardzijauskas has been a fireman since 1994. He started running in 1980 and he has already overcome more than 50 000 kilometers. Aidas had run around three countries – Gibraltar, Vatican and Lithuania, he has overcome 18 classical marathons, 8 times has participated in 100 kilometers races, 6 times – in 101 kilometers, 3 times – in 50 kilometers, 2 times – in 6 hours races. In a 24 hours running he overcame 219 kilometers. 7 times has participated in multi-day races. In many of the marathons Aidas has won the first places and received a lot of awards.  

Aidas Ardzijauskas
Tel.: +370 698 09044
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Official running website: www.EchoLifestyle.com


Help Aidas to achieve his American Dream and get a name of Lithuania heard from one American coast to another. Share this article with others on Facebook and Twitter, especially within Lithuanian communities living along the Aidas' running route.

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