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Lithuanian Aviator in Alaska Featured

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According to Wikipedia, Talkeetna Air Taxi (est. 1947), originally called Talkeetna Air Service, is an Alaska-based flight company. It operates wheel-ski equipped bush planes [and helicoptors] and is one of less than a half-dozen air services with a permit to land in Denali National Park. Historically business included supply runs to remote homesteads and prospecting claims—though in the past decade traffic has been primarily tourist and climber related [and cabin runs]. Originally started by the legendary Don Sheldon of Alaska, it was bought by Paul Roderick, a 3rd generation Lithuanian-American. Paul's father's family's patronym was originally Radzevicius. Somehow that became "Roderick." Paul is the owner and operations manager and pilot extraordinaire as were famous Lithuanian aviators Darius and Girenas.

TAT is a totally Alaskan enterprise. According to the Talkeetna Air Taxi website, the history of Talkeetna Air Taxi dates back to the earliest days of flying in Alaskan aviation, when TAT helped pioneer McKinley flights, glacier landing sites, expedition support, and mountain rescues in the Alaska Range. "Fifty years later we have broadened the meaning of expedition support for climbers to include logistical support, up-to-date route information and photos, unique base camp locations, mid-climb route checks, as well as remote and unclimbed peak information. Over the years we have worked with film crews and television networks such as National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, and Surviving Alaska." Lowell Thomas, Jr., was a previous owner as well. Now Paul Roderick, director of operations for TAT, is an avid climber and skier with ascents on Denali and many other peaks in the region. A seasoned pilot, Paul has been flying Denali National Park for over twenty years and has accrued countless hours of Alaska flying as well as glacier landings on Mt. McKinley.

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Svaja Vansauskas Worthington

Svaja is Lithuania's first ever honorary consul in Alaska

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