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On the occasion of Lithuania’s Independence Day on February 16, LTUworld ran a #proud2bLithuanian campaign in an attempt to get Lithuania trending on Twitter. People were using #proud2bLithuanian hashtag hoping to help Lithuania to be noticed by millions Twitter users. Thank you to everyone who joined #proud2bLithuanian initiative. It was initiated by LTUworld, but #proud2bLithuanian hashtag belongs to all the Lithuanians - actually, one cannot own a hasthtag, can one? 

Still recovering from the February 16th twitlag, we started working on what #proud2bLithuanian had accomplished. Although #proud2bLithuanian didn’t trend worldwide on Twitter, however, we did contribute significantly that day. #V16 and #IndependenceDay soaked up some Twitter traffic together with some other Twitter users who did not tag their tweets at all, simply mentioning “Lithuania” or “Lietuva”. However #proud2bLithuanian made a contribution to Twitter traffic about Lithuania, but more importantly it contributed in reminding Lithuanians worldwide about their heritage. Having in mind that not too many people in Lithuania use Twitter so far, we also provided them with a possibility to post their #proud2bLithuanian lines on LTUworld facebook. The most interesting ones were later retweeted by us.


There were about 500 #proud2bLithuanian tweets over the period of two days. As you can see from the chart the campaign started kind of slow, but soon got more lively, especially when two prominent U.S. congressmen of a Lithuanian heritage Senator Dick Durbin and House Representative John Shimkus sent their tweets:


Some really good tweets came from Lithuania. We especially liked the one which said "Let's get dreaming and achieving".


Some other tweets worth noticing:


We also enjoyed tweets with the pictures attached. Some of the pictures had a historical value, especially the ones with the President Ronald Reagan holding a banner "I love Lithuanians" and with the Lithuanian-Americans rally in front of the Capitol Building.

And finally there were tweets with the musical greetings:

Last but not least, the most active participant of #proud2bLithuanian campaigne was Gabbie from Kaunas who tweeted at least eight #proud2bLithuanian related massages. Here is one:

Again, thank you all for your active participation. And let's not forget that there is no need for an official occasion to say "I am #proud2bLithuanian".


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