In the latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the first time included Lithuania in the group of advanced economies. Until now the IMF had qualified our country as an emerging market economy.
Lithuania is scheduled to become the 19th member of the European single currency next year. Although the final decision on this issue will not be taken by the finance ministers of the EU countries until the beginning of July of this year but it seems that the switch from the Lithuanian litas to the euro from 1 January 2015 is…
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Are Lithuanian kids unhappy and schools bad?

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By many measures, Lithuania is doing quite well. But there is one measure where Lithuania is at the bottom of the list: happiness and schools.
Eurobasket 2013, Love, Happiness make the 2013 list of top trending and most searched Internet queries in Lithuania.

Next year, Kentucky officials will go on trade mission to Lithuania to explore new business opportunities, especially for its whiskey known as bourbon.

Kentuckians say that the best whiskey is coming not from Scotland any more, but from Kentucky.

Although claims like these are only a matter of a personal taste, Kentucky officials take bourbon business seriously.

According to the The Lane Report, Commerce Lexington officials hosted recently a kick-off breakfast at Town Branch Distillery for a Lithuanian bourbon trade mission, attended by the Lithuanian ambassador to U.S., the high official of the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture and some other officers.

The Lithuanian officials toured bourbon distilleries Woodford Reserve, Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey, and visited Keeneland

See pictures from their visit to Kentucky here.

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