Over 400 participants began the celebration of the Day of the Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania on 18 February with a minute of silence to honour the Ukrainians who were killed in Kyiv on the eve of this event.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius, who attended the event in Washington, D.C, stressed that the vast majority of Lithuanians are deeply concerned about the future of Ukraine, the Lithuanian foreign ministry said in a press release.

“These days the future of Ukraine is decided in the streets of Kyiv. We call for Ukraine’s government to halt violence immediately and resume the negotiations on forming a new government and implementing a constitutional reform together with the opposition leaders,” the Lithuanian Foreign Minister told hundreds of members of the United States Congress, high-ranking administration officials, diplomats and other honourable guests.

These days the future of Ukraine is decided in the streets of Kyiv. We call for Ukraine’s government to halt violence immediately and resume the negotiations.

The event, orginized by the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C., was held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and was attended by many honourable guests, including the U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and the Lithuanian Minister of Economy Evaldas Gustas.

The standoff between Ukrainians who want more democracy and closer ties with the European Union  and the current government that is aligned with Russia erupted Feb 19 in an explosion of violence that left at least 25 dead and hundreds of people injured.

The deadly clashes in Ukraine's capital have drawn sharp reactions from the Lithuanian leaders.

The Lithuanian Government has also declares Wednesday a day of national mourning.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister canceled his visit to the U.S. and flew back to Europe to attend on Feb 20 to attend extraordinary meeting of the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council on Ukraine.

In an interview to Bloomberg earlier on February 18, Lithuanian FM Linkevicius also said the EU should weigh whether to impose targeted sanctions against Ukrainian officials if the government uses force to suppress anti-government demonstrations.

On the occasion of Lithuania’s Independence Day on February 16, LTUworld.com invites everyone to join a #proud2bLithuanian campaign in an attempt to get Lithuania trending on Twitter and Facebook. Send your tweets and post on LTUworld's Facebook wall your messgaes with #proud2bLithuanian hashtag. It can be pictures, video, memorabilia or simply words. Let your friends and the world know more about our great nation and our amazing country. Let's celebrate the Independence Day of Lithuania together!

The Olympics are here! Lithuania made sure all eyes were on their athletes at the 2014 Olympic opening ceremony, Feb. 7, thanks to their bright green outfits.

As we wrote earlier, the Lithuanian Post has issued two stamps to commemorate the Winter Olympic Games commencing on February 7 in Sochi (Russia). The stamps feature bobsleigh and ice-hockey. The stamps dedicated to the Sochi Olympic Games have been created by the artist Irma Balakauskaitė, who won the tender.

But are those stamps original or just copies of the real pictures made by somebody else? As website www.dizainologija.lt published, the bobsleigh stamp has striking similarities with the picture made by the Italian sports photographer Tony Gentile. The picture was made for "Reuters". It looks like the Lithuanian Post issued a special stamp for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, featuring the British bobsleigh team. Hmmm? Not mentioning the fact, that, according to www.dizainologija.lt, it might have been done without the photographer's permission.

The history of Lithuanian-Bulgarian relations dates to at least as early as 15th century. Since then, two nations have had continuous ties, and their nationals played at times a considerable part in the history of each other.

In the begining of the 15th century Gregory Tsamblak, a Bulgarian writer and cleric, had travelled to Vilnius and lived there for several years untill in 1415 he was appointed by Grand Duke Vytautas as metropolit of Kyiv.

Władysław III (31 October 1424 – 10 November 1444), King of Poland from 1434, and King of Hungary from 1440, and the first-born son of Jogaila, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, died at the Battle of Varna where the Hungarian and Polish armies under his command were defeated by the Ottoman Army.

It is believed that thousands of Lithuanians took part in the Bulgarian Liberation war of 1878 as conscripts to the Russian Czar's army. Many of them fell for the Bulgarian freedom. Some of their names are inscriptied on the wall of the chapel-mausoleum “St. George the Victorious” in Pleven.

Among Bulgarian patriots was Dr. Jonas Basanavičius, known in Bulgaria as Ivan Basanovich. He lived and worked as a Jonas Basanavičius on 50 Litas banknoteJonas Basanavičius on 50 Litas banknotedoctor in Lom (1878-1882) and in Varna (1884-1905). He held a Bulgarian citizenship and was also elected to the city council.

While in Bulgaria, Basanavičius provided the major impetus for the publication of Aušra, which signaled the emergence of modern secular Lithuanian nationalism. It was during his period of residence in Bulgaria that Basanavicius came to be seen as the patriarch or dean of the Lithuanian national movement.

Lithuania and Bulgaria established diplomatic relations in 1924, and resumed them on September 10, 1991.

During the Soviet times, Bulgaria was a popular destination among Lithuanian tourists.

Today there is small, but active Lithuanian community. Formaly established on 14 October 2012, it unites about couple of dozen Lithuanian nationals living in Bulgaria. The primary purpose of the community is to assists its members to maintain ties with their nation state Lithuania, to promote awareness about Lithuania, and to keep Lithuanian culture, language and traditions alive. The community maintains the Lithuanian Saturday school in Sofia, and helds regular meetings.

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania, a special reception to celebrate the 65th anniversary of scouting for Lithuanian immigrants on four continents will take place at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. on 7 March 2014, with more than 100 guests attending the event.

Lithuanian-American Anthony Kiedis with Red Hot Chili Peppers crashed the SuperBowl 2014 halftime! And earlier we were asking if there are any Lithuanians watching the game at the stadium.

We also asked:

Buy who new that there will a Lithuanian performing!

And yes, Kiedis was shirtless!

Watch the video of Kiedis crashing the party below.

On Feb.2, the Hochstein School of Music and Dance Youth Symphony Orchestra and its counterpart in Rochester’s newest sister city, Alytus, Lithuania, presented a joint public concert, live over the Internet, at the Cultural Life Center of Roberts Wesleyan College.

Saturday, 01 February 2014 20:04

David Stern retires, Lithuania remembers

As David Stern retires after 30 years of NBA commissioner, it’s worth recalling his contribution to Lithuanian basketball.

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