With a million or more strong Lithuanian diaspora now living in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Russia, Argentina, and elsewhere, and many more people of other nationalities expressing growing interest in Lithuania as it expands internationally, this site is a virtual network for Lithuanians and friends of Lithuania around the world.


We’ve got for you at least seven reasons why Lithuanians around the world should tweet.  Twitter can promote your community, and make the Lithuanians known worldwide.

1. It's a great way to promote your community and events. LTUworld is on Twitter, and by using #LTUworld hashtag in your tweets, you can easily spread news about your events in a matter of a second to a constantly growing group of LTUworld followers.

2. You can network with people in your community. You can even meet new local people on Twitter. Take our example – when we started tweeting from Washington, DC, we met couple of new Lithuanians living in the area who have never been to a single community event here . But now there’ve got interested!

3. You get connected to the world. LTUworld aims to connect with and follow Lithuanian Twitter users from around the world - it's an eye-opener to see how Lithuanians live in other countries and what issues their communities face day-to-day.

4. You can become good friends.  Remember, LTUworld links Lithuanians around the world, therefore, by joining our network you might get acquainted with someone special in other countries who can add zest to your life.

5. You can get more involved in your cause. Let’s say, you are into fighting hate speeches about immigrants in London, including directed against Lithuanians. There are a lot of groups on Twitter that support that cause. Or maybe you are writing a book, a novel, an article or thesis   about Lithuania or Lithuanians, and looking for some specific material? Drop a tweet to us with #LTUworld hashtag, and we’ll retweet it.

6. You learn a lot of trivia. This can be useful at community events and just generally impressing people. And you can win community quizzes! Follow @LTUworld to learn interesting stuff about Lithuania and Lithuanians around the world.

7. You can connect your Twitter account to your community blog and Facebook, just as we did with LTUworld. So when we tweet, it shows up in a column on LTUworld.com website, as seen here on the right. Pretty efficient, isn’t it?

So hop on Twitter and start following @LTUworld!



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