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Lithuanians across the world engage in dozens of successful community, professional, charity, educational and other activities and projects every year. There would be even more accomplishments if they have had means to spread a word about their ideas more widely and find partners or supporters. is here for you to help you to do this.

We are looking for the most special, interesting, innovative and outstanding projects and initiatives to be considered for the LTUworld Initiative of the Month.

You have one?

Then send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We’ll publish it on our front page and disseminate it to our contacts worldwide via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Please submit a description of your initiative in an article form in no more than 500 words.  

Describe the issue your project will address and who is your target audience. Discuss your reasons for selecting this project.

Describe the steps involved in putting your plan into action, cite the names of people or organizations you plan to inform and involve.

If the initiative involves funding, estimate overall project expenses and how you plan to meet these costs. What methods or tools will you use to evaluate the impact of your project? How will your project be sustained beyond your involvement?

The following is a list of initiatives which have been promoted by LTUworld so far:

  • Preserving memories of the Lithuanian liberation movement
    Preserving memories of the Lithuanian liberation movement Are you wondering if you should keep those old Lithuania related pins, stickers, pictures, letters, banners or throw them away? Keep them! They tell the history and help remembering emotions behind historical events. They bring memories alive. Maybe it does not seem so important now, but time flies by very fast… Having this in mind, as part of the build-up to the 23rd anniversary of the re-establishment of the State of Lithuania, LTUworld invited its friends and followers to post Singing Revolution memorabilia on Facebook and Twitter.We asked you to post or tweet your photographs, letters, postcards, banners, old newspaper articles, diaries and any other keepsakes belonging to you, your family and friends. We also requested that you would write…
  • #proud2bLithuanian
    #proud2bLithuanian On the occasion of Lithuania’s Independence Day on February 16, LTUworld ran a #proud2bLithuanian campaign in an attempt to get Lithuania trending on Twitter. People were using #proud2bLithuanian hashtag hoping to help Lithuania to be noticed by millions Twitter users. Thank you to everyone who joined #proud2bLithuanian initiative. It was initiated by LTUworld, but #proud2bLithuanian hashtag belongs to all the Lithuanians - actually, one cannot own a hasthtag, can one?  I welcome #proud2bLithuanian initiative – a perfect tool to connect Lithuanian diaspora worldwide. Let’s join! @ltuworld — Linas Linkevicius (@LinkeviciusL) February 18, 2013 Still recovering from the February 16th twitlag, we started working on what #proud2bLithuanian had accomplished. Although #proud2bLithuanian didn’t trend worldwide on Twitter, however, we did contribute significantly that…

New initiatives

  • Become #proud2bLithuanian Twitter curator!
    Become #proud2bLithuanian Twitter curator! Every week or so, LTUworld invites someone on the globe to be a #proud2bLithuanian: sole ruler of @proudLithuanian Twitter account. For seven days or longer, someone will tweet why she…

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