With a million or more strong Lithuanian diaspora now living in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Russia, Argentina, and elsewhere, and many more people of other nationalities expressing growing interest in Lithuania as it expands internationally, this site is a virtual network for Lithuanians and friends of Lithuania around the world.

LTUworld.com is the single source for everyone who needs information on Lithuanians worldwide. Say goodbye to dozens of sources, multiple browsers and hours of research. LTUworld.com gives you the comprehensive information you need to know within seconds – all in one place. Drill down with fast searches by country, region, category of activities, even people. LTUworld.com connects you to hidden…
Do you have an interesting story to share with us--a story that would not only expand our knowledge and understanding about Lithuanians’ lives around the world and bring hope and inspiration to fellow compatriots, but would be also interesting to people outside the Lithuanian community? If so, we’d love to publish it on the site. Actually, once registered to LTUworld.com,…
Keep track of all major events being organized by Lithuanians worldwide. View events by day, week, month, or year. It's guaranteed to keep you in The LOOP. Want to add your event to the most comprehensive Lithuanian events calendar around? Hundreds of participants want to knowabout your event.   •    Create an account •    Once registered, look for an “Add…
Lithuanians across the world engage in dozens of successful community, professional, charity, educational and other activities and projects every year. There would be even more accomplishments if they have had means to spread a word about their ideas more widely and find partners or supporters. LTUworld.com is here for you to help you to do this.
Welcome to the original English language discussion forum for and on Lithuanian communities around the world. This message forum is a place where English-speaking Lithuanians, their friends and foreigners (expats) living in Lithuania, and anyone with a genuine interest in Lithuania or Lithuanian communities worldwide can discuss and read the views of others on a range of topics. The aim…
We’ve got for you at least seven reasons why Lithuanians around the world should tweet.  Twitter can promote your community, and make the Lithuanians known worldwide. 1. It's a great way to promote your community and events. LTUworld is on Twitter, and by using #LTUworld hashtag in your tweets, you can easily spread news about your events in a matter…

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  • Artistic expression gone too far: Spoon fed propaganda tool, apathy towards genocide, or just plain ignorance of history?
    A professional architect and an artist | Lives in Washington, DC
    Wow... White House Press Secretary's home has Soviet propaganda wall décor...
  • As Lithuania gets closer to the euro, credit ratings go up
    Business and strategy consultant with a new-found passion for blogging \ Lives in Boston, USA.
    Lithuania is scheduled to become the 19th member of the European single currency next year. Although the final decision on this issue will not be taken by the finance ministers of the EU countries until the beginning of July of this year but it seems that the switch from the Lithuanian litas to the euro from 1 January 2015 is already sealed, - provided there won't be any suprises.
  • Meet the Lithuanian Twitter diplomat
    Draugas News, English edition of Draugas, a Lithuanian newspaper published in Chicago, featured interesting interview with a Lithuanian diplomat about increasing use of social media tools in a public sector. Draugas News asked Rolandas Kačinskas, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to share his thoughts on communicating with foreign audiences with the help of Twitter.
  • Events that made me a Ukrainian
    Diplomat turned house-wife, founder of #LTUworld / Lives in Washington, DC
    In the very heart of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, in the Cathedral Square, the monument to Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, the founder of Vilnius, stands. Unveiled in 1996, the monument depicts one of the most beloved and significant sovereigns of the 14th century Lithuania, standing by his horse and holding a sword in his left hand, sometimes being interpreted as if Gediminas preferred diplomacy instead of war or violence.

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